Tim Kearney is an architect, an adjunct professor, an experienced public servant, and the mayor of Swarthmore. He is a long-time resident of the 26th district where he raised his kids with his wife and small business partner Claudia Cueto.

Despite inaction in Harrisburg, Tim has always worked hard to bring positive change to our communities. He now hopes to continue that work at a larger scale. His goals in running are three-fold. First, he believes firmly that all children deserve access to a good education; it is time to stop penalizing children for their zip code, and to understand the benefits of a well-educated populace. Second, he is an advocate for a fair and balanced budget that benefits all rather than burdening the most vulnerable among us. Third, he understands the importance of keeping the environment healthy; he is committed to putting people before industry and to protecting the natural resources that we all depend on.

Tim is not a career politician. He understands the needs of Pennsylvanians because he is one himself. With his experience as a community leader and a problem solver, and with your support, he believes that he can make a real change in Harrisburg.

Always feel free to approach Tim with ideas and concerns and to ask him about his thoughts and beliefs. He loves meeting new people and is always up for a chat.